4K Dino Diner


Light Bites

(V) - Vegetarian


Served with Nachos and salad garnish

Ham and Cheese £6.95

Chicken and Bacon £6.95

Tuna and Cheese £6.95

BBQ Chicken and Cheese £6.95

Cheese and Tomato (V) £6.95 

(vegan cheese available)


 Chilli con Carne or 5 Bean Chilli  £6.95

Cheese and Beans (V) £6.95

Chicken and Bacon Mayo £6.95

Tuna Mayo £6.95

Jurassic Sides

10 Battered Onion Rings (V) £3.50

Large Chips (V) £3.75

Large Cheesy Chips (V) £4.25

Cheesy Nachos (V) £3.95

 Children’s Meals

Beef or Cheese Burger

A beef or a cheese burger served with Chips £6.95

Chicken Nuggets

4 Chicken Nuggets
(or vegan) served with Chips

Gluten free Goujons available

chicken Burger

Chicken Burger served with Chips £6.95


2 Margarita Pizza slices served with Chips (V) £6.95

Gluten free and vegan available

Fish Fingers

3 cod Fish Fingers served with Chips £6.95


 2 Pork or Vegan Sausages served with Chips £6.95

BIg Bite Meals

cheese burger

6oz  Beef Burger with cheese served with chips £10.95

Add bacon for £1.00

double Stack

Two 6oz 100% Beef Burgers topped with crispy bacon and burger cheese served with chips £13.95

Chicken Burger

Fried Chicken Breast topped with mayo on a bed of shredded lettuce & cucumber served with chips £11.95

Chicken Royal

Fried Chicken Breast topped with cheese and bacon served with chips £12.95


Two, foot long sausages served with chips £11.95


Scampi and chips £12.95



Cheese stuffed Crust £11.95

Meat feast

tomato sauce stuffed crust  £11.95

chicken & bacon

tomato sauce stuffed crust  £11.95

4 cheese

tomato sauce stuffed crust  £11.95

vegan pizza

Margherita pizza (V)  £11.95

Gluten free pizza also available, just ask!


 Hot Drinks

White Coffee £3.30

Black Coffee £3.30

Latte £3.65

Cappuccino £3.65

Mocha £3.95

Espresso shot £3.30

Double Espresso £5.20

Tea £2.95

Hot Chocolate £3.75

Hot chocolate supreme £4.95 (Flake, marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate powder)

Subject to availability

Syrup shot +50p

 Cold Drinks

Still or Fizzy Drinks £2.75

Bottled water £2.00

Flavoured Water £2.25

Kids fruit drink £1.95

Slush Small £3.00

Slush Large £4.00

Spiral Cup £5.00

Spiral Cup Refill £3.00


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2020 Innovation Award
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