Sir Geoffrey:

Sir Geoffrey, after years of peaceful living was ask by his good Friend Sir vvvvv to go on a quest, longing for some excitement and in the knowledge his children were old enough to be left, he divided the Land into 4 so the four brothers set about building their own castles.

and he set off…

Sir Benedict:

Sir Benedict, the Bravest of the brothers and a Champion Knight winning many tournaments took all the family treasure and placed it on an Island (The Area the GoKarts drive around) he then built his Gyldan Castle a castle of Towers around this Island of treasure it to protect it from his brothers

Sir Roderick:

Sir Roderick, built his castle right next to the shopping district of little Knightsbridge thinking of himself as a posh knight, he spends most of his time pruning himself shopping and riding his stallion showing of to everyone he passes.

Sir Nicolas:

Since Sir Nicolas is Scared of water having nearly drowned in the swollen river Embourne as a small child not listening to his mother who had told him not to play down by the water, he built Castle Alnor  inside the giant old hay barn so he never gets wet even when it rains. he spends most of his days playing with his jester Danny.

Sir Grobian:

Sir Grobian built Tarragon Castle near the mystical mound where hobbits pixies and fairies live. he has a pet Dragon called smokey, he spends most of his days talking to Smokey and riding his Giant chicken.

Lady Primrose:

Which just leaves Lady Primrose, Primrose didn’t want to live in a big cold castle which just as well as Sir Benedict stole most of the money her father gave her, so she built a beautiful cabin next to Faylinn lake.